June 21, 2006

'Time': Its time has come

The list of top 25 nouns:

time, person, year, way, day, thing, man, world, life, hand, part, child, eye, woman, place, work, week, case, point, government, company, number, group, problem, fact.

May 24, 2006

Navy shoots down a long-range missile "in final stage"

Yee Ha Mother F
uckers Lets Rock

The Pearl Harbor-based Lake Erie is equipped with technology that allows it to detect and track intercontinental ballistic missiles. Since 2004, U.S. warships with ICBM tracking technology have been patrolling the Sea of Japan, on the lookout for missiles from North Korea.

The U.S. military is installing missile tracking radar and interceptor missiles on 18 U.S. Pacific Fleet ships. It is also equipping underground silos in Alaska and California with interceptor missiles.

Click the pic for few missile launches

May 12, 2006

Where's George?!

BIGGEST waste of time I've ever seen in my life.

I hope EVERY "Where's George?!" bill ends up like this one.

Top 10 Bills Report - All Denominations

Top 10 Most Entered Dollar Bills
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1 One 1999 K244-----I 15 Mar-26-2005
2 One 1995 D776-----L 13 Mar-05-2003
3 One 1999 F077-----H 13 Jan-08-2003
4 One 1995 D7765---2L 12 Dec-30-2005
5 One 2001 A187-----A 12 Apr-18-2004
6 One 1995 D863-----L 12 Nov-09-2003
7 One 1995 D165-----K 12 Apr-07-2002
8 One 1999 B2167---1E 11 Apr-18-2006
9 One 2003A J0331---3A 11 Feb-18-2006
10 Five 1999 BB74-----1A 11 Jan-11-2006

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May 09, 2006


The Dough Boy has an OOPS

What's up in Southeast MN?

April 30, 2006

Too many fakers

Medal of Honor

Remember The USS Cole?

"Our friend has gotten a royal screwing,"

Kirk Lippold (commander on the Cole) is the first commissioned military officer or civilian official to be punished during George W. Bush's presidency for failing to prevent a terrorist act against the nation.

Bush has been criticized for not holding more people to account, particularly in the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, and for faulty prewar intelligence and poor war planning.

But now some are questioning whether the White House and Congress, in not acting on Lippold's Pentagon-approved promotion to the rank of captain, have nailed the right man.

Breaking his silence, Lippold, 46, says it's wrong to blame him.

"If you want accountability, there was one accountable officer on that ship, and that was me," Lippold said during a three-hour interview. "But if you want to blame me for allowing that attack on my ship that killed 17 of my sailors -- that is essentially putting me as a U.S. military commander in the war on terrorism on the same level as Osama bin Laden."

Read the rest of the story HERE.

April 23, 2006

Bush: 'Hydrogen is the fuel of the future'

With all due respect to President Bush, I don't think he's going about the Hydrogen Fuel initiativethe right way. We should be looking at this as if it were the moon shot. Screw this crazy idea of going to Mars. We as Americans should make the fuel of the future our next "Microsoft". I mean lets just make Arab oil an moot point! This is a great site for getting the basics of how FUEL CELLS and HYDROGEN POWER work.

A few cool hydrogen cencepts

April 19, 2006

Chevy trucks suck?

One ugly truck!

In my line of work and play it's only practical to have a pickup and I'm SICK TO DEATH of pickups. Unfortunately the one alternative in the Chevy line up is the Avalanche or the Ultimate Utility Vehicle (UUV). This vehicle is about as impractical as it gets for anyone who actually uses it hard. I have a laundry list of complaints about it but primarily it's wimpy when it comes to towing and it's gas only engine choices leave it off my list of potential vehicles permanently. The other major complaint is the exterior is so extravagantly nook and crannyish that pretty much any small bump, dent or ding ends up being a major expense. I mean come on, how many times have you bumped the bumper on the construction site or backed into a pole plowing snow? Chevy better get it's act together or I'm going to buy a Ford. Too bad the fords interior suck so bad. Plus it's still a truck!

April 14, 2006

What a DICKHEAD!!!

Yaron London, a cultural commentator for Israel's Channel 10 television, had this rhetorical question for Suri's proud parents: "Why didn't you just go back to your ancestors' language, and call the kid 'Scram Cruise'?"

I said SCRAM!!!

April 09, 2006

What's that on top? A prop?

"super-modern flying boat"

Is that a prop mounted to the top? I bet you can hear that a few miles away.

April 06, 2006

Trophy Active Protection System

TROPHY Active Protection System

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TROPHY (in Hebrew: "מעיל רוח", lit. "Wind Coat") is a protective shield system for both light and heavy armored vehicles that intercepts and destroys missiles and rockets with a shotgun-like blast just before they hit. TROPHY was developed by RAFAEL together with Israel Aircraft Industries' Elta Group. The system is known as an "active protection system" (APS). The developers claim it is a major milestone in weapons design. They would have a system like TROPHY reduce or eliminate the need for heavy armor for combat vehicles.

April 04, 2006

$300.00 for Microsoft Office! Why?

January 11, 2006

Iran is a threat

January 09, 2006

I Agree

January 05, 2006

This guy is just off his rocker. He scares me!

Marion Gordon "Pat" Robertson (born March 22, 1930) is an influential right wing political activist from the United States. He is the founder of numerous organizations and corporations, including the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN), the Christian Coalition, Flying Hospital, International Family Entertainment, Operation Blessing International Relief and Development Corporation, and Regent University. He is the host of The 700 Club, a TV program which airs on many channels in the United States and on CBN affiliates worldwide.

Robertson's strong views have provoked controversy, especially his statements recommending the dissolution of the more common view of the barrier between church and state, the condemnation of groups he believes to be in a state of sin, and his denunciation of perceived communists or radical Islamic followers. He is against homosexuality. Robertson is a partisan of the Republican Party and campaigned to become the party's candidate in the 1988 presidential election. He is a Southern Baptist and was active as an ordained minister with that denomination for many years, but holds to a Charismatic theology not traditionally common among Southern Baptists. As a result of his seeking political office, he no longer serves in an official role for any church. However, many U.S. Christian churches do not have a national leader that represents or speaks for them, a contributing factor to Robertson's ability to claim a position as a leading Christian voice.

October 29, 2005

It's a sad day in the Twin Cities

These are the top twenty searches in the Twin Cities and the top five story's read in the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

This is a great indication why the US is falling behind in math and science and EVERYTHING else. We're only concerned with sports, personal gratification and Paris Hilton.


The most-used search words on Dogpile.com in the Twin Cities for Oct. 21:

1 music lyrics 20,406

2 _google_monitor_query_+or+googletestad 3,131

3 poetry 2,842

4 hurricane wilma 1,870

5 games cheat 1,417

6 radio stations 1,357

7 google 1,348

8 dogs 1,322

9 e-bay 1,186

10 yahoo 1,185

11 play games 1,120

12 food 1,004

13 names 901

14 mapquest 824

15 yahoo.com 808

16 top 100 baby names 744

17 names and their meanings 727

18 paris hilton 662

19 letterman top 10 642

20 jennifer aniston 622

Top read stories

October 08, 2005

Boy George Arrested on Drug Charge

Turn this smile upside down. Boo Hoo

October 07, 2005

This is a bad idea.

This guy (NEW ORLEANS Mayor Ray Nagin) is like an addict. Go for the quick fix. He's not thinking of the long term implications of gambling on a large scale. He's dead wood and should be cut off.

This is no place for personal agendas or carreer building.

September 21, 2005

Check out this pathetic CRAP!

Are you kidding me? This is all about a temper tantrum and raising money for a multy million dollar gold mine (Harrah's Employee Relief Fund). Hey Gordon why not send that money to some folks who REALLY need it you jackass? Harrah's Employee Relief Fund? Ha!

September 19, 2005

This is cool

The other day I was stopped at a stoplight facing due West just before sunset. The sun was huge and it was so low in the sky I could look right at it. Plain as day I could see a great big sunspot on the lower left. I've never seen that before. Not "live" anyway.

It looked a lot like this tiny little spot.

September 11, 2005

Backpack generates power from walking


September 06, 2005

Thanks for the laughs Bob

This guy really showed he's just an uneducated asshole.

Kanye West

The video


August 24, 2005

This is what ate that guy in Australia.

The French STILL suck

August 22, 2005

This guy changed the world of music

Robert A. Moog

The first "portable" MOOG

The MOOG Cookbook

A 1967 MOOG

August 21, 2005

Fab 40

It was 40 years ago that the Beatles made their first and only Minnesota appearance at Metropolitan Stadium in Bloomington. Here are 40 things you should know about this historic occasion:

40 Things

August 16, 2005

I took this today

These two are COLD

---------> NEW TWIST HERE<--------

The Timeline

Former child actor and wife face murder charge.

Jennifer Henderson-DeLeon

Skylar Deleon

Played THIS Power Ranger